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Time To Bring Your Life Into Balance

There is only one of you, and you are a unique individual. In all the billions in the world, there is only one of you with your specific gifts and needs. No one knows what makes you healthy and happy like yourself if you are a healthy adult. You will learn what brings your life into balance.

Others with their gifts, education, and professions can help you in these endeavors to be your best self. It is up to you to seek them out, for you will discern who you need. If you see you need a doctor, go to a doctor.

When your health suffers there are many reasons, and many times it is because your life isn’t in balance. Don’t run after any and all new fads for they will come from spurious thinking instead of sound thinking. But you must not be afraid to try new things!

Food Affects Your Life Into Balance
Bring Your Food Into A Healthy Balance

We have to make decisions about the care and well-being of our bodies, souls, and spirits. When all of them are in good health, we are in balance! Know yourself enough to know when you are in an unhealthy place.

Out of balance means illness of all kinds. If the chemicals and food taken by the body are out of balance, it’s trouble. You need to bring your food into a healthy balance. Sometimes you need to check the chemical intake of your diet or prescriptions, even water.

The answer is simple, sometimes the working out of the solution is not so smooth. Finding we are not in balance should not be a fearful thing but only a starting place. Changing your diet has to be an excellent place to start.

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  A Good Cook Is A Blessing To All
Case Against Gluten – Food Allergies

Something I thought was a fad but turned out to be true for me is the case against Gluten. I had read several times our bodies were not made to digest grains, but I found it was any food not Gluten Free. For years, yes years, I took gastric medications for symptoms. When I stopped eating Gluten, diarrhea stopped and hasn’t come back.

Be aware if you want to try this, Gluten is in a lot of things. From oatmeal for breakfast to spaghetti for supper, you have to seek food with no Gluten. Food allergies are very often hidden culprits in poor health. My Gastrologist tried different medications for fifteen years with no success for me, then I learned about Gluten, and symptoms changed!

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Clean drinking water helps you bring your life into balance.
Safe, Clean, Drinking Water

There are a few private or community wells with safe, clean drinking water. From different ways to purify your water, and it’s not drink bottled water, we’ll help. Deciding which way to do it is, of course, up to you.

Water in a few of our major cities is being corrupted by old rusty pipes, lead in the ground-water, and sewage seepage. Water bottles contribute to the mounting plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans.

Choosing water bottled in aluminum cans is another idea. Deciding which way to do it is, of course, up to you, but water is for sale in aluminum cans and is recyclable.

Seek a source of fresh water, even if it is filtering your tap water. I found a few good filters for tap water and one that hydrolyzes and energizes water at the same time. The Turpur Filter is the one I am speaking of now.

One entrepreneur wanted to get clean water to the children of the world. Greg Stromberg wanted to help in a way more direct than a check donation. He formed CannedWater4Kids, and kids in Flint, Michigan, Zambia, Africa, and Guatemala are benefiting.

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Medications Help Bring Life Into Balance
Fundamental M.D. – Medications

There are important ways to get your body in balance if you sense it is not. After water and diet, it is time to check your medications and supplements. To begin, know your own body so when something is wrong, you will be the first to know about it.

Check with your chosen healthcare provider about your health and medications. I suggest you have a Fundamental M.D., to tell you about your medications and herbal supplements. The knowledgeable owner of a holistic food and supplement store can be beneficial, also.

Herbal Supplements & Medications/Side-Effects

As you learn the difference between symptoms and side-effects, you will take more learned care of your body and mind. Some of the medications and supplements have side-effects like nervousness, anxiety, depression, and anger that affect the brain.

Mouth & Teeth Care Are Are Part of Life Into Balance

While you are checking your health don’t forget your mouth and teeth, for regular cleanings will save a great deal of pain. People will spend fortunes on medications and supplements, and nothing on their teeth.

I will have herbal supplements on this website at some point, but each thing in our life has to have its own place. Give care and cleaning to your mouth and your teeth, and keep them for a long time.

Remember to keep your mouth, tongue, and teeth in mind when you bring your life into balance.

State of Mind – Serotonin

Then practice a thing I have never been able to do, and that is reign in my mouth when I get upset. I aim for blistering diatribes against my enemies. Not good for relationships, for when I am irritated, I make enemies out of loved ones. This is not good for life’s balance.

While I’m here, it is a great place to write about our minds, our mental states, and what goes on in our brain! First of all, besides the tissue and nerves, there are essential chemicals. The one I am most familiar with is Serotonin.

Important to Know If You Have Bipolar Disorder, and I Do

Without enough Serotonin and you are sad/depressed/irritable. With too much Serotonin and you are manic/spend-too-much/anxious. Serotonin is by no means the full story about Bipolar or in any way the answer to a medical illness, but it is involved in our comfort.

This is important to know if you have Bipolar 1 Disorder, and I do. It affects my thinking and my writing of course.

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Life Into Balance
Treatment For Bipolar Disorder

I want my readers to be aware that I have Bipolar disorder so you will happily grow with me. Being balanced in my mind has very much to do with brain chemicals, medications, nutrients, and therapy. My best therapy is writing for my readers.

Bipolar disorder is something not easy to live with in this one polar world, but we try and succeed. That is the message to all with this horrible disorder that kills a good percentage of its victims by suicide. Read on please Bipolars this is for you.

One Suicide Attempt At Age 19

Achieving the age of sixty-eight with a forty-nine-year marriage is an accomplishment of which I am honestly proud. And thankful, for without such a stable husband, I could not have done it. To have done this with only one suicide attempt at the age of nineteen, as a person having Bipolar 1, I am absolutely cheering!

Adding here I asked to be hospitalized seven times in Behavioral Health for Bipolar 1 Mania episodes, for which I had to have help. Also, it has to be noted as very important, at the age of thirty-nine I was given an excellent neurological-psychiatrist.

Dr. Dietrich Blumer was my physician for nineteen years until he retired at the age of eighty. At that time I saw nine young psychiatrists in each of their graduate years as they came back for further studies. Those were interesting years after the steadiness of Dr. Blumer.

I have finally found a neurological-psychiatric nurse who is managing my medications. This is still on trial, but so far seems to be working. I know I am hard to medicate and difficult to keep out of mania, so we shall see.

Vraylar – Medication for Anger and Mania

Vraylar is a new medication for anger and mania, and I am not adding supplements without discussing with my doctor. I have added St. Johns Wort in the past and overpowered some medicines.

Herbal supplements cost extra money, and they are worth it. But sometimes we value them for what good they will do, without considering harm their misuse can do. CBD Oil helps me control anxiety and pain, and it is a natural herbal supplement.

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  Natural Fresh Fruit and Vegetables From All Over The Americas
Bringing Your Life Into Balance

Bringing your life into balance takes more than one action, and more than one blog post to discuss it. This is my first post on the blog here, but it won’t be my last.

Thank you for reading along with me!
Please Leave me your Comment, Opinion, or Life Experience, Especially If You’re Bipolar!

Janice Fox-Henley
December 22, 2018