In Balance Two Years After Valium

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In Balance Two Years After Valium

For twenty-eight years I believed I needed Valium for my anxious state of mind. Two years after Valium use I know that I didn’t, but at the time I was so dependent and addicted I saw no way without it!

From April 1990 until February 2018, I had a prescription for Valium (Diazepam). This prescription changed in dosage but not medication.

Christmas Tea

In February, Two Years After Valium Use

It is Christmas 2019 and two years will complete in February 2020, but I am so content and so free of Valium finally. It has been about a year since I have wished for the drug during a time of stress.

CBDBioCare Oils

I’m sure most of this is the state of mind I now have with a Valium-free system. For me, this is possible due to CBD! There is nothing that gives me more success from my anxious feelings! I remain faithful with my daily dose now every morning and evening.

CBDBioCare is the company I choose both to be a Sales Representative for and to purchase my own CBD from monthly.

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Twenty-Three Months After Valium

Almost two years after the end of Valium use, I admit I cope with some anxiety. What has changed is the way I medicate myself. I don’t take any narcotics! I choose my CBD from CBDBioCare that is organically grown.

CBD is a natural, herbal remedy on which you do not overdose and end up in the ER or worse! No one has ever died on CBD! Which is not true about the narcotic Valium (Diazepam)!

I am not a medical professional so all I can give is life experience and opinion. Please consult your chosen healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medications.

Thank you for reading along with me!
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Janice Fox-Henley
December 22, 2019