Be In Balance & Think What’s Next

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Be In Balance and Think What’s Next

You must be in balance and think, what’s next? The heroine always does, she knows exactly what to do next! I was watching a western this morning, and the hero was quick with answers about what the next step was to be.

The old westerns aren’t very well-balanced for if it is an adventure, there is a hero. I saw several episodes over the weekend where if a child was involved, then they let a woman have the answers. Definitely not balanced between showing heroes and heroines in the movies.

The newer motion pictures are much more gender-equal, although I have yet to see gay, lesbian, or Transgender heroes or heroines.

Being always on the hunt for what is “fair, or unfair,” and for balance in all things, I stay constantly reeling in this off-balance world. I equate unfair and off-balance as being the same thing.

Be In Balance Know What’s Next

In Balance think about others before yourself, and always wonder what’s next?

Thinking about what’s next for “us,” or maybe even the planet Earth will take you farther.

Then, you will see, what comes next for you, will come naturally, as the dew follows the sunrise.

Something To Think Next

Do you believe “What Goes Around Comes Around”?

What about “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?


Wikipedia QUOTE:  Karma (; Sanskrit: कर्म, translit. karma, IPA: [ˈkərmə] (listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

Do you see any way these three ideas are alike?

Have you thought about these things recently?

Is this how all things are kept in balance?

Give & Take With Others

How are all things held in balance for you in your life? Do you Pay-It-Forward in your dealings with other people? Are you there for what’s in it for you only? Do you barely make it with a small number of resources?

How would you like to change your way of interacting with other people? Would you like to be more giving and caring or does this interest you? I find that most people like this quality in other people. Often seeing people act in a giving and caring manner, they realize they fall short personally.

Are you so giving and caring that you are sometimes taken advantage of because of it? Not Always, just enough to make you wary of giving too quickly. I would like to give you the answers here, but I have a few. Stay true to your natures and care, but be careful in your giving.

You can do no less and remain healthy in body and soul. If it is in your nature to give and care, you will not be full of joy if you quench this trait. Without joy is a sad way to exist!

Be In Balance-Make Homemade Tea

Sometimes the best thing to do is make a cup of Tea! Do you know how?
Do you know how to make a Quart of tea? Mama’s Kind? Homemade Tea?
I will show you how, and if you have your own Recipe, send it to me!

How do you make Tea? Mama’s Homemade Tea

  • To make one cup of Hot Tea
    1. Heat water in a cup in Microwave for 2 Minutes. Cup will be hot!
    2. Place Tea bag in the cup. Let sit for two Minutes. Enjoy the calm. ?
    3. Remove Bag from Tea & Save the Tea Bag for a Second cup!
    4. Add Sugar, Milk, or Honey
    5. Drink and Enjoy Hot Tea!
  • To make Quart of Homemade Sweet Tea
  1. Boil 2 cups water in the microwave or on the stove. Turn off heat.
  2. Drop-in Two large Tea Bags. Let sit for 30 minutes. Enjoy the calm. ?
  3. Remove Tea Bags and Dispose of them.
  4. Add Sweetener of choice. Mix well while warm to mix well!
  5. Add Tea to a Quart container, and Fill with water
  6. Pour over a glass of ice! Add a wedge of lemon if you wish.
  7. Drink and Enjoy Mama’s Homemade Sweet Ice Tea!

When you’re drinking a cup of calming hot tea or a cooling ice tea all is right with the world! Somehow things feel like they are In Balance, even when they are not In Balance at all!

Have a Glass of Tea – Think What’s Next

Sometimes you have to sit back with a glass of tea and gather your wits! To face the onslaught of our hectic lives, to have a chance to Think What’s Next, it does help to have a cup or glass of homemade tea!

Now that you’ve had a cup of homemade tea and the very process of making it and then relaxing and drinking it has calmed your anxious mind, think! What’s next?

Ask yourself what disturbs your sense of self-balance more than anything else? What makes your personal world “not in balance”? Is it an attack on your ability to think and process information? For some, it is an imbalance in their health. For others, emotional distress causes an imbalance they do not handle well.

Many people do not even recognize they have a spiritual self that needs reinforcing, cleansing, and taught. I am not a Catholic, but this religion covered a large area of the New World during colonization. The Catholic Church offered a plan for salvation, cleansing, and teaching. In 2019, still a large, powerful Church, it maintains millions of followers.

Did you answer yourself about what disturbs your sense of self-balance? If you know it is all of them, thinking, health, emotion, and spiritual self, you are probably mature! It takes some people years to realize they are complex people! Think on this, and be in balance!


Janice Fox-Henley.AnxietyReliefCoach